Nature’s Medicine Chest……..

From the dawn of time humans have used plants to ease their pains. We can now enjoy the benefits of herbal remedies because over thousands of years our ancestors  discovered which plants were beneficial and which were highly toxic.

From 1930s onwards, advances in the science of chemistry have made it much easier to reproduce the active ingredients  present in plants …. However—plants will continue to have medicinal importance in their own right.


In conjunction with either reflexology treatment or an iridology consultation,  advice will be given on healthy diet, lifestyle changes as well as which herbal tinctures / teas can be used  in order to improve general health and resistance to illness.

Herbalism is not about finding a magic cure, but rather about suggesting a way of life in which health and quality of living can be improved. Herbalism is a holistic way of thinking and acting.

Natural Path Herbal Tinctures Currently  In Stock:



{ Burdock

{ Dandelion

{ Cranesbill

{ Milk Thistle

{ Red Clover

{ Red Raspberry

{ St John’s Wort

{ Saw Palmetto

{ Swedish Bitters

{ Stress Drops


Available soon… a herbal cough remedy range, creams & ointments

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Dip. S.N.H.S (Herbalism)
Dip. S.N.H.S (Advanced Herbalism)


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