Text Box: Reflexology is a safe and natural therapy to relieve the everyday stress which leads to illness.  
The ancient philosophy of applying pressure to the soles of the feet leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated with an enhanced sense of well being. The aim of reflexology is to stimulate the body to heal itself.

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Therapeutic Reflexology

Text Box: Iridology is the examination and analysis of the coloured portion of the eye, the iris, in order to determine factors, hereditary or acquired, that may be important in the prevention and treatment of disease. As well as assisting in obtaining optimum health.

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Text Box: Reiki, a Japanese word that can be translated to mean universal life force, or universally guided energy. 
Reiki has been practiced for thousands of years and is a simple system of healing, carried out by placing hands on or over the person. 
The Reiki energy is channeled to enhance the body’ s natural ability to heal itself.

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Text Box: “Herbal Remedies have been with us for centuries. The revival of herbal medicine is no passing phase, it indicates a return to that deep devotion to nature that most of us have always possessed.” 
		Thomas Bartram …
Author of Bertram's Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine

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Herbal Remedies


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